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Welcome to the Beresfords Financial Planning

Bcovered are personal insurance experts operating Australia-wide. We work with 20 trusts Australian top life insurance companies to give you tailored financial advice best suited for your situation.

Whether you are looking to protect your loved ones with life insurance, income protection insurance, Bcovered has qualified experienced Advisers that can offer you valuable, tried and tested cost saving solutions.

We’re not owned nor controlled by an institution we are independantly licensed through our mother company, Blicensed, and have been operating since 1993 protecting our clients.

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  • "Dealing with Bcovered we received insurance information explained by our adviser in lay person language. We were given quick responses, no sales pitch, and no annoying pushy people!"

    Deborah, Melbourne

  • "I was starting to think I would never find the right health insurance; then Bcovered came along and couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. Really went beyond expectations."

    J Napier, Sydney

  • "Having explored a number of options I found Bcovered by far and away the best. Amie in particular took the time to work with us on securing cover to meet our needs at this stage of our lives. Bcovered’s staff are excellent & I will be recommending Bcovered to everyone I know.

    Nathan, Brisbane

  • "Unbelievable service - I was astonished at the level of expertise, friendliness and attention to detail. Thanks."

    Penelope Smith, Melbourne

  • "When you've tried the rest and want advice from the best then go to Bcovered Financial Planning."

    Kim & Michael, Sydney

  • "Bcovered made choosing suitable insurance easy and stress-free. All your needs are taken into consideration and matched with the plan most adequate. Fast and friendly service without pushy insurance agents who might only be interested in their commission and not what is best for the client. I would happily recommend them to anyone!"

    P Simpson, Brisbane

  • "I found Bcovered via Google. I never expected the service provided would be so clear, concise, speedy and friendly! It blew all my expectations out of the water!"

    Sylvia Phillips, Melbourne

  • "I found Bcovered (Amie) very easy to relate to and was impressed with her ability to advise me on my level and recognise my needs. I was dealt with in a friendly manner and felt comfortable enough to share a laugh and could see that Amie appeared to really enjoy what she was doing. She dealt with my requirements in a completely professional and informative manner."

    Tyler, Sydney

  • "I've been through a few insurance policies and agents in my lifetime but I have to say Bcovered kept me informed of the best options available after doing their research. The process was non-threatening and never at any stage appeared to be pushing their own agenda. Highly commendable service which I highly recommend to anyone looking at insurance policies"

    Ian, Brisbane

  • "Having recently returned to Australia after several years overseas, I began to wonder if I would struggle to find the best insurance providers and get sorted. I was amazed to find Bcovered on my first web search and from there on in, it became simple and easy. Thank you!"

    Jerry, Melbourne

  • "Our Medical & Life Insurance needs were carefully analysed and all possibilities explored before making a recommendation. It’s nice to deal with someone who listens rather than tries to sell the policy with the biggest commission!"

    D Smithson, Brisbane

  • "I was very impressed with how comprehensive, yet easy your website was to use, and how quickly I was contacted after filling the website form. Your service was speedy, informative and friendly, I would recommend you to anyone."

    Brittany, Melbourne

  • "Bcovered have very friendly and efficient consultants. They did the investigation obtaining the relevant information and assisted us with sound advice so enable us to choose the best option for our needs. The whole process was so easy!"

    D Brown, Sydney

  • "Getting income protection insurance when I set up my own business seemed like a daunting task. Fortunately I stumbled across Bcovered. The service was outstanding; my adviser explained every step and stayed in touch while my applications were processed. I won't go anywhere else for my insurance!"

    Michael, Melbourne

  • "Very helpful in assessing the options even down to recommending no change to one existing policy. A refreshing change not to be pressured into something I didn't need."

    Kimberly, Brisbane

  • "I was impressed with the service provided by Bcovered. I especially appreciated the continuous contact (whether by phone, email, or post) throughout the process. I did feel like you were "on my side" and willing to help out and make things easier."

    A.D, Melbourne

  • "The Advisors always did what they said they were going to do - when they said they would do it. Top marks for efficiency! Good balance between friendliness and professionalism."

    Bianca & Martin, Sydney

  • "We've really appreciated the personal and efficient service we've received from the staff at Bcovered."

    Michael & Natalie, Brisbane

  • "Very knowledgeable financial advisor who had great follow through. I highly recommend Bcovered!"

    B Gilligan, Melbourne

  • "I found this service so easy to use. By providing information about my best options it made my decision a lot easier. I had been trying to collect information myself, but was just getting more and more confused."

    L Stevens, Sydney

  • "Bcovered have been fantastic. Got me the cover I was wanting with no stress. Any questions that I had were answered quickly by friendly, knowledgeable staff."

    Mason & Tiffany, Brisbane

  • "It was great having honest feedback about the range of insurance insurances available. One point of contact with excellent customer service."

    Jeremy & Lisa, Melbourne

  • "It was a real pleasure to deal with someone who not only understood their job but also related to and understood our needs as clients."

    Paul & Caroline, Sydney

  • "Excellent, professional, informative service!"

    L Bennett, Melbourne

  • "Insurance is a pain because choosing the right one is a challenge and we have no time for it. Bcovered narrowed the choice down for us and we ended up only reading the one policy in fine detail."

    Michael & Laura, Sydney

  • "A real 'no stress' way to find the right insurance and insurer for my family - Bcovered took all the hassle out of it for us."

    Amanda, Sydney

  • "Finding the right company comes with the right Broker. With Bcovered’s efficiency & promptness I know I chose the ideal company. They helped me find the right insurance company within my means & fit my requirements. Thanks Bcovered."

    David, Brisbane

  • "Bcovered were great to deal with. Amie was friendly and professional and answered all of our questions clearly and promptly. Excellent service!"

    Bonnie, Melbourne

  • "I have always found the prospect of organising health and life insurance daunting due to the many choices available. Bcovered took all these concerns away by presenting comparative packages broken down into simplified format to assist with choosing. Their friendly and efficient service made the whole process a lot easier!"

    Scott & Bianca, Sydney

  • "Excellent, well informed, quick response."

    K & V Devonshire, Brisbane

  • "I am impressed by how quickly and efficiently Bcovered deals with customer enquiries. The personalised and friendly service is a welcome change from the call centres of the big insurance companies."

    P Anderson, Melbourne

  • "Prompt and factual information, easy to understand."

    Kerry, Sydney

  • "Thank you for making life insurance understandable. I appreciate your friendly, professional, and prompt service."

    Pam, Brisbane