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Vision, Mission, Philosophy & Values

63% of those with a partner say they have not discussed life insurance with their partner, 29% say life insurance is too unpleasant or difficult to discuss. Having a difficult 10 minute conversation could save years of financial difficulty if the unforeseen strikes. What statistic are you?


To be recognised as one of Australia’s premier Insurance specialist firms offering best advice holistically by professional advisers who are committed to excellence and service.

Our Mission

To personally communicate, educate and advise families who are committed to their financial goals with respect to strategies, products and services that will help them achieve their personal goals and increase their quality of life. In so doing, this will enable the client to achieve their personal goals through efficient and effective use of their available financial resources.

Our Philosophy

  • To work in a fun and friendly environment as a team with committed and professional staff dedicated to clients who value long term relationships with high trust and high respect.
  • To reward staff for effort, commitment, loyalty and for exceeding company and client expectations.
  • To act in good faith to all stakeholders at any point in time
  • To uphold the highest level of integrity and standards for a business
  • To enhance the quality of life for all those who are in contact with Bcovered


  • Open Communication
  • Fun / Enjoy the Journey
  • Say it how it is
  • Trust
  • Integrity