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63% of those with a partner say they have not discussed life insurance with their partner, 29% say life insurance is too unpleasant or difficult to discuss.  Having a difficult 10 minute conversation could save years of financial difficulty if the unforeseen strikes.  What statistic are you?

A comprehensive Risk insurance cover will ensure you have adequate funds if the unforseen incident occurs – be it you suffer from serious illness, injury; becoming totally and/or disabled or die an untimely death.

To ensure you and your loved ones do have the right cover to meet your financial needs we offer a range of quotes and policies to choose from. We also offer a DYI solution where you can assess you own needs with our needs and quote calculator; or you can seek comprehensive advice from one of our expert insurance advisors.

Australia has proved to be one of the most under insured nations in the developed world……..Are you under insured?