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Total Permanent Disability

Total Permanent disability will pay out a lump sum figure in the very event of total permanent disability (for example you lose the ability to walk due to a car accident). It is designed to be an affordable policy which can assist in paying off any debt or pay for medical costs to assist you if you were to become disabled. Total permanent disability insurance can be linked to life insurance, and a policy can be designed to buy back your life insurance; for example if you get the policy as a combined cover, you may be insured for $500000 TPD and $500000 life cover, if you were to make a claim because of a disability of $500000, you can buy back the sum insured of $500,000 for your life so in the event of death your beneficiary or estate will be able to claim a further $500000 in the event of your death.

It is important to always have a look at the policy documents for the full description of TPD cover, as cover can vary from one Life Company to the next.